Paul's Eden Foundation

We Need Your Help to Change Lives. A Community. A Childs Future.

Paul’s Eden Foundation takes care of children who lost their parents due to HIV / AIDS and malaria.

So many families have suffered losses…we are running out of resources faster than expected & we need your support.

Who We Are

Paul’s Eden Foundation was set up to provide food, school equipment and medical expenses to children who have lost their parents due to war and abject poverty. 

Its home of Jinja, situated at the source of the white river nile, is famous for its adventurous white water rapids and stunning scenery. A community heavily dependent on the generosity of travellers, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a hammering blow to the cause. Diminished funding has forced the foundation to reduce meals and additional support has been cut.

In September 2020, a team of Irish graduates got together to renew efforts and launch an online presence for the foundation. We are aiming to establish sustainable revenue sources that will allow this extremely important work to continue.

Smiles all round!

Our mission


— Human Rights

Every child has the right to food, education and medical services, regardless of family background, economic conditions, governmental regimes or geographic location of birth.


— Equity of Opportunity

Beneficiaries of Paul’s Eden Foundation have been born into impoverished conditions which puts them at a severe socio-economic disadvantage. The charity aims to correct this inequity which came about through no fault of their own.


— Transparency and Accountability

Because everyone is a potential donor, everyone is a stakeholder and therefore has the right to know how funding is being raised and spent. We are especially accountable to the children of Uganda, our donors, and our accrediting bodies.


— Ethical Responsibility

We understand our responsibility to uphold the dignity and well-being of each child we help. Therefore there are no conditions or debt accrued to the beneficiaries of our foundation.

You Can Be A Part Of The Change

You can use a few enticing words and flaunt your capabilities that will attract future donors and encourage them to donate right away.

Where Your Contribution Goes

We believe in a fully transparent donation process. Your generous donations will go to those most in need and you can follow our adventure as we update you regularly on social media & on our website.

Relief & Development


Education & Advocacy


The Foundation's Impact

Paul Cool, Founder of PEF

Paul started this foundation back in 2014 and has proceeded to change the lives of many young children who have been devastated by poverty, war and displacement in Uganda.

Paul has now spent 6 years working hands on with this devastated community of displaced children to provide them with that glimmer of hope.

The Coronavirus has presented unprecedented challenges for the foundation. Funding has been cut. We need the support of the online community.

Because of our partners we are doing more good for more children!


Support Us and Change the Course of a Child’s Life Today!