Paul's Eden Foundation Fundraiser

A Christmas Marathon on ACK!

Patrick McCarthy is running a marathon on Christmas Day around Nantucket Island! Well, heโ€™ll run a kilometre for every 100 euro/dollars that is raised in aid of providing food, shelter and gifts to children of Jinja, Uganda.

Let’s get up to 42 kilometres!!

Why? Great Question!

I work with a charity named Paul’s Eden Foundation. It is run by Paul, who is an amazing and caring giver to so many children who have lost one or both parents in Jinja, Uganda. While we’ve all had a hard year, Paul’s has been harder than most. Throughout this pandemic, he has been working tirelessly to provide food, shelter, clothing and a safe place for the children to have fun and make friends (All the while working full-time to support his family!).


We all know how difficult Christmas can be for families, especially those in impoverished nations. In Uganda, it is no different, and many of the families will not only go without gifts for the holidays but also food and clothing. With your help, maybe we can make the number of those who go without these, less.

Therefore, I pledge to run 1km for every 100 euro donated on this page in one day, with the minimum of a marathon. I will hope to do it all in one run, but if the donations exceed expectations, I may have to separate the two. But I will do it all in one day!

Fundraiser, Paul’s Eden Foundation

So, how do I get involved?

Two ways.

You can either simply donate to our amazing cause (described below) or run a distance of your choice (5k recommended) and aim to collect 100 euro for the cause!ย 

Your donations of any amount will go directly to:

– Food for the children and their mothers
– Fees for school
– Medical expenses
– A Christmas gift for each child ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much for your consideration and help!

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